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"Truth Be Told"
Season One, Episode 6. Characters appear Alan, Denny, Sally, Daniel Gellman, Paul Lewiston.
#6 in series (101 episodes)
Truth Be Told
Season One
Episode 6
Episode Overall 6
Production number 1AJQ07
Characters Alan, Denny, Sally, Daniel Gellman, Paul Lewiston
Air Date November 7, 2004
Written by Scott Kaufer
Directed by Tucker Gates
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Alan represents the husband, who is running for mayor, of his old crush [[Samantha , when a false rumor is publicized. Denny awaits the results of the test which will reveal whether he has Alzheimer's or not, while Lori helps a lawyer convincing his wife to give him his sons frozen umbilical cord, which would save his life. Meanwhile, Denny takes Sally's client, who is suing a toaster company for his faulty product.



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