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Michael J. Fox guest stars as a lawyer, Daniel Post with cancer who's taking experimental drugs, which, thanks to his sway, were denied to another patient – who's now suing him. Elsewhere, Denny Crane is involved in a torrid affair, and Alan Shore goes out on a limb for Jerry Espenson.


At a children's group event Denny Crane is being honored, which is being attended by Denny, Shirley, Paul, Alan, Brad, and Denise. Denny annoyed by what is going on on-stage he leaves for the bar where he meets. Beverly (Bev) Bridge. Whilst the rest sit and wait for Denny to get back, Denny has sex with Bev in the coat room. Whilst, the emcee begins to wind down for Denny to give his speech the rest of the group worry where he is, but he gets back in the nick of time. On line for coat check, Denny and Alan, who wrote Denny's speech, chit-chat, with Shirley eavesdropping in front of them. Bev gives Denny her business card in leaves. Denny tells Alan they had sex in the coat room which makes Shirley leave her coat.

"The Cancer Man Can"
Season Two, Episode 11. Characters appear {{{characters}}}.
#11 in series (101 episodes)
Season Two
Episode 11
Episode Overall 11
Production number 2AJQ08
Air Date January 10, 2006
Written by Janet Leahy & Michael Reisz
Directed by Lou Antonio
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Paul and Denise begin to speak about a new case about Daniel Post, Michael J. Fox, who used his friendship with a CEO of a drug company, to get into a trial for stage four cancer and not receive the placebo, who another patient is suing. Paul asks for Denise's help because his wife, Olivia, died of cancer. Denise and Daniel flirt and banter.

Jerry "Hands" Espenson goes to Alan Shore, stating that he is up for partner for his third and last time. Jerry talks about how much he has done for the firm, but wants to know what the partners think.

At the Post trial, a lab technician is questioned. He talks about how Post wiggled his way in and Denise and Paul look as though they are losing the case.

Alan goes to Shirley about Jerry, but gets shut down immediately. Alan then goes to Denny who talks about how much of a weirdo Jerry is and says that he most likely will not be made partner, due to his lack of bringing in clients and money. Alan still comes to Jerry's defense and Denny gives Alan Jerry's performance review. It turns out that Bev has bought Denny a camera phone, so they can send each other photos *wink wink*.

Alan goes to Shirley and reads from Jerry's review. Shirley brings up that Jerry is a liability, with a tendency for blow ups. Alan and Shirley go back and forth, with Shirley ultimately saying that because of Jerry's awkwardness he will not be a partner.

Back at the trial, the man suing Mr. Post, Mr. Hopper, is on the stand, who states he is suing Mr. Post because someone needs to stand up to people like Mr. Post. Court is dismissed, Paul gives Denise shit, Daniel flirts and banters and then asks her on date. Paul has her go to convince Daniel to settle.

Alan at the partner conference

Alan at the partner conference

Back in Alan's office, Alan tells Jerry that it's probably not going to happen because of Jerry's lack of "people skills" and the fact that he "assaulted" someone whilst in court. Jerry has a minor burst and speaks about how it was because of a bully. He then rants about his dislike and how much more deserving he is than wonder-boy Brad Chase, who is also up for partner. Alan tells Jerry that he will do whatever he can to help.

Shirley comes to Denny's office, where Denny and Bev are having sex on his desk. Shirley gives Denny shit and meets Bev.

Jerry goes to Brad in the break room and follows him around trying to find out what Brad has heard about the partner vote. Jerry acts extremely paranoid as Brad says that he doesn't know much, but says that Paul said everything looks good for Brad. Jerry makes a joke about having a "mole" (trying to work on his people skills).

Denise and Daniel go to dinner. Daniel says he will settle as long as Denise agrees to declare the dinner a date. It turns out Daniel does a lot of charitable man, who uses his money for good. And we find out the drug from the trial didn't help and he's really settling because he doesn't want to waist the time he has left on his money.

Denny freaks out because Bev hasn't called him and he says that he bought Bev a gift from the heart.

Alan barges in on the partners meeting defending Jerry, in his Alan-esque way. He talks about Jerry's encyclopedic knowledge about the law and how much Jerry has done for the firm, with him and Shirley going back and forth. Alan gives the partners shit about money and the way the partners have acted.

Shirley and Alan fight in his office. Alan says that someone needs to stand up for the meek, while Shirley says that it's none of Alan's business.

At the settlement, Mr. Hopper is given a substantial offer which he rejects because he wants to take away the one thing that will hurt Daniel, his time. As they leave Paul tells Hopper not to act this way because he knows what cancer is like.

Denny and Bev have lunch where Bev says that Denny can sleep with anyone he wants as long as they're together. Denny says "I love you."

Brad gets partner, with Denny knighting him with a sword. Shirley tells Jerry that he didn't make partner because that what he has done, "it's not enough." Shirley says that he is welcome to stay "of-counsel."

Daniel asks Denise out to dinner and breakfast in bed by him. She declines because she wants to celebrate with Brad. Daniel has a minor outburst saying "all he has is time" followed by "oh, wait I don't." Hopper comes by to restate his convictions. Denise agrees to go to dinner.

There is then a back and forth between Brad's celebration in the conference room and Jerry packing up his things and saying over and over again "it's not enough," getting seemingly more angry and violent. Jerry walks to the conference room where Brad invites him in for a piece of cake. Jerry comes in and states that he can slice a piece of cake for himself. Seemingly okay, he slices himself a piece and then looks at Shirley and says "How's that, Shirley? Is that enough?" He then begins to destroy the cake with the knife causing a scene getting the attention of the part goers. Shirley mistakenly calls Jerry "Hands", leading him to threaten her with a knife.

With the knife to Shirley's throat Jerry says he wants to be made partner and that he's going to draw up an agreement. Garrett Wells tries to bring up that he can't do this. Jerry than begins rattling on specific cases in which him being made partner under duress would actually stick, even though he has committed a crime. He has Garett, Brad, and Melissa do the things he says. During the commotion, Alan comes back and learns about what is going on. Alan calms down Jerry, but says he will only spare Shirley, if Alan agrees to represent him after he is arrested.

After dinner Denise and Daniel kiss.

Out on Denny's balcony, Denny tells Alan that he and Bev are getting married, even though in a previous episode he said that he'd rather have his friends than have a wife. Denny says that this will not affect their friendship, followed by him abruptly leaving to go register for flatware with Bev.

Notable Quotes[]

Denny: Those blinds go down before anyone else does.

Daniel: I got stage 4 lung cancer, I don't give a damn what people think about me. Life's too short.

Alan: She enjoys being with you. Why don't you just have fun in the moment and leave it at that?
Denny: I knew you wouldn't understand, you heartless bastard.

Daniel: I'm not looking for a long-term relationship either.

Garrett: Hands went nuts.

Shirley: But you are not a partner.
Alan: Yes, but that is because I can't be trusted.

Alan: All it takes for evil to succeed, is good people to say, "it's just business."

Denny: I am delirious with joy.

Bev: As long as we're together, feel free to have sex with anyone else you want.
Denny: Bev! I love you.

Denny: *walks in with a sword*
Paul: Denny must we do this every single time?
Denny: My name on the door. The answer would be "Yes."