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"Still Crazy After All These Years"
Season One, Episode 2. Characters appear {{{characters}}}.
#2 in series (101 episodes)
Season One
Episode 2
Episode Overall 2
Production number 1AJQ03
Air Date October 10, 2004
Written by Kerry Ehrin & David E. Kelley
Directed by Charles Haid
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Alan helps Christine Pauley (Elizabeth Mitchell), an ex-lover whom he had committed, secure release from the mental hospital and Sally and Tara become concerned for Alan once it appears that Christine is stalking him; Denny finds himself at the end of a lawsuit when he comments on an opposing client's sex life. Paul Lewiston and the senior partners plan to oust Denny from the firm, something Lori and Brad try to stop. 




Guest starring[]

  • Rene Auberjonois as Paul Lewiston
  • Victor Raider-Wexler as Dr. Bender
  • Steven Anderson as Walter Seymore
  • Joel Anderson as Atty. Kevin Ripley
  • Andy Milder as Dr. Gill
  • Penelope Windust as Martha Silver
  • Rich Cooper as Paul Rober
  • Eric A. Payne as Sam Halpern
  • Frances Fisher as Carrie
  • Elizabeth Mitchell as Christine Pauley


  • Tom Knickerbocker as Dr. Mahoney
  • Anthony S. Johnson as Judge Baker
  • Ms. P. Reney as Psyche Nurse
  • Erika Greenspan as Female Patient
  • David Connell as Tourette's Guy


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