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Sara Holt
Sara Holt
Sara Holt (Ryan Michelle Bathe) is an associate attorney with Crane, Poole and Schmidt who appears in the second season of the series.
Personal Information
Gender/Sex: Female
Lawyer and associate at Crane, Poole & Schmidt Law
not above using her feminine wiles to help her clients
Character information
Appeared on: Boston Legal
First episode appearance: "The Black Widow" in Season 2
Final episode
"Live Big" in Season 2
Episodes appeared in: 16: Season 2, 2005-06
Character played by: Ryan Michelle Bathe
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Sara Holt is an attorney with Crane, Poole & Schmidt who appears in Season 2 of Boston Legal. The part of Sara is played by actress Ryan Michelle Bathe.

About Sara[]

Introduced in the second season premiere, Sara is a smart lawyer who isn't above using her own beauty to help her client. A first year associate, she is not seen again after the end of Season 2. It is unclear whether she is still with the firm or was let go by the partners.