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Lorraine Weller
Lorraine Weller
Lorraine Weller, a former high-class madam in England, and a The University of Chicago Law School graduate, is hired by Crane, Poole, and Schmidt in Season 4 of the series.
Personal Information
Gender/Sex: Female
Character information
Created by: David E. Kelley
Appeared on: Boston Legal
Character played by: Saffron Burrows
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Lorraine Weller is a litigator who joins the law firm Crane, Poole & Schmidt and appears in season Four of Boston Legal, The part of Lorraine is played by Saffron Burrows.

About Lorraine[]

An Englishwoman by birth, Lorraine came to America as a result of an agreement with the British government. She had been a high class madam in London, with a string of escorts who serviced very senior members of the British government (and, it was rumored, the Royal Family). Her current citizenship is unclear, though it may be presumed she is a naturalized American. She graduated from The University of Chicago Law School and was admitted to the Massachusetts bar.

She has a brief liason with Alan Shore, after which her presence causes his 'word salad' condition (schizophasia) to return briefly (but only in her presence).

Joining Crane Poole & Schmitt as a litigator, her background is discovered by Whitney Rome and Katie Lloyd -- who also discovers, following Jerry's losing his virginity to an escort who had fallen for him, that Lorraine is still a practitioner of "the oldest profession," running strings of high-priced escorts in Boston, New York, and Washington, DC. Shortly after this information became known at the firm, Lorraine left Crane, Poole & Schmidt. Whether she resigned or was fired is unclear.