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Lori Colson
Monica Potter as Lori Colson
Lori Colson, as played by Monica Potter on "Boston Legal".
Personal Information
Gender/Sex: Female
Attorney with Crane, Poole, & Schmidt
Character information
Created by: David E. Kelley
Appeared on: Boston Legal
First episode appearance: Head Cases" in Season 1
Final episode
Men to Boys" Season 2
Episodes appeared in: 21 episodes
Character played by: Monica Potter
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Lori Colson was a fictional attorney on the American legal series Boston Legal, played by Monica Potter. She was a main character in season one and was recurring in season two.


Lori was an attorney and a junior partner at Crane, Poole & Schmidt. Lori was close friends with Paul Lewiston, Shirley Schmidt, and Brad Chase. When the show started, Lori primarily took civil cases rather than criminal cases, but eventually, after trying a case with Edwin Poole, she chose criminal work because she assumed it would be more emotionally rewarding. Lori often struggled with the idea of letting killers back on the street, such as when she represented a cop killer and another incident when she represented a victim of a bully who may have lied about the incident being an accident. It was indicated she had been working at the firm for at least 5 years; prior to this, she worked as an assistant district attorney.Lori was one of the few lawyers on the show who didn't date others from the office. She was attracted to Alan Shore despite being disgusted with his antics, this is why she did not file a sexual harassment claim against him despite his prevalence in the sexual banter. Brad Chase wanted a romantic relationship with her but she wanted only to be friends with him.Lori filed a sexual harassment claim against Denny around the start of season 2. When Shirley and Paul tried to get Denny to apologize to Lori in hopes of her dropping the claim, Denny, trying to compliment her, declared he loved "chubby sex" and said he saw her claim as a wanton cry of a lonely chubbette, striking a nerve as Lori later stated she grew up fat. Taking this apology attempt as further harassment, Lori hired famous sexual harassment lawyer Meredith "Blinky" Waters to handle her case. Denny later apologized sincerely, after which Lori broke down, stating that she felt marginalized as an attorney due to all the sexual banter in the office and was beginning to feel insecure. Alan later said that Shirley had ushered her out of the firm following this. Whether the case ever came to fruition was never revealed.