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"Loose Lips"
Season One, Episode 8. Characters appear {{{characters}}}.
#8 in series (101 episodes)
Season One
Episode 8
Episode Overall 8
Production number 1AJQ09
Air Date November 28, 2004
Written by Jonathan Shapiro &
David E. Kelley
Directed by Jeannot Szwarc
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Alan takes over a case Denny rejected for personal reasons. He has to defend a man who was fired from being Santa because he is a transvestite. Brad an Alan bet on the outcome of the case. Lori's therapist is worried that one of his patients may kill someone and asks for legal help.



Guest starring[]

  • H. Richard Greene as Judge Harry Hingham
  • George Newbern as Dr. Allen Konigsberg
  • Cheryl White as Mary Stevens
  • Jim O'Heir as Gil Furnald
  • Neal Matarazzo as Brian Stevens
  • Wayne Wilderson as Attorney Paul Phillips
  • Vicki Davis as Sylvia Donato
  • Debbie Lee Carrington as Patty
  • Rene Auberjonois as Paul Lewiston

Special appearance by[]

  • Reverend Al Sharpton as Himself


  • Steven M. Gagnon as Detective Lowe
  • Donna Cooper as Secretary
  • Heidi Heller as Clerk