'Til We Meat Again (episode)A Greater Good (episode)A Whiff and a Prayer (episode)
Alan ShoreAn Eye for an Eye (episode)Angel of Death (episode)
Armalite AR7Attack of the Xenophobes (episode)BL: Los Angeles (episode)
Beauty and the Beast (episode)Bernard FerrionBethany Horowitz
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Can't We All Get a Lung? (episode)Candice BergenCarl Sack
Catch and Release (episode)Catherine PiperChange of Course (episode)
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (episode)Christian ClemensonChristine Pauley
Christopher RichClaire SimmsClarence Bell
Constance ZimmerCraig BierkoCrane, Poole, and Schmidt
Crane, Poole & SchmidtDances With Wolves (episode)Daniel Post
David E. KelleyDeath Be Not Proud (episode)Deep End of the Poole (episode)
Denise BauerDenny CraneDesperately Seeking Shirley (episode)
Do Tell (episode)Donny CraneDouglas Kupfer
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Guardians and Gatekeepers (episode)Guise 'n Dolls (episode)Happy Trails (episode)
Head Cases (episode)Helping Hands (episode)Henry Gibson
Hired Guns (episode)Hope and Gory (episode)Hyung Lee
Indecent Proposals (episode)It Girls and Beyond (episode)Ivan Tiggs
Ivan the Incorrigible (episode)James SpaderJeffrey Coho
Jerry EspensonJohn LarroquetteJudge Clark Brown
Judge Paul ResnickJudge Robert SandersJudge Victoria Peyton
Juiced (episode)Julie BowenJustin Mentell
Katie LloydKill, Baby, Kill! (episode)Lake Bell
Larry MillerLarry Miller (actor)Last Call (episode)
LawyerLegal Deficits (episode)Leslie Jordan
Let Sales Ring (episode)Lincoln (episode)Lincoln Meyer
Live Big (episode)Loose Lips (episode)Lori Colson
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Made in China (episode)Mark ValleyMelvin Palmer
Men to Boys (episode)Meredith EatonMichael Ensign
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No Brains Left Behind (episode)Nuts (episode)On the Ledge (episode)
Oral Contracts (episode)Patriot Acts (episode)Paul Lewiston
Questionable Characters (episode)Race Ipsa (episode)Raymond Ma
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Roe (episode)Roe v. Wade, The Musical (episode)Ryan Michelle Bathe
Saffron BurrowsSally HeepSara Holt
Schadenfreude (episode)Schmidt Happens (episode)Selling Sickness (episode)
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