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"I wasn't speaking to YOU, Mr. Dirty Mouth!": Lincoln lambasting Jeffrey Coho.


Lincoln Meyer

"...oops. I didn't SEE you there...!": a sly remark after a shovel blow to someone's head.

Lincoln Meyer is a character that appears in Season 3 of Boston Legal, portrayed by David Dean Bottrell, who once described Lincoln as (following a description from a friend of his) a "creepy, effeminate Truman Capote-like character", which fits Lincoln well.

Lincoln is a very disturbed loner who seems to yearn for the attention of one and all, no matter what he must do. He first gained notoriety as an admitted "peepie" (Peeping Tom) on Judge Hooper's wife during her many extramarital affairs and was the one who fingered out "the boy" as the prime suspect in her murder. Throughout the ensuing trial, he is brought in as one of Jeffrey Coho's many red herrings and, after his testimony is over, still attempts to be the center of attention, be it mouthing off during court proceedings or running afoul with Coho (and dubbing him as "Mr. Dirty Mouth").

After the trial, Lincoln continued to be a pain to Crane, Poole and Schmidt, suing Jeffrey for slander and, when Judge Potts ruled against him and called him a "seriously disturbed man", Lincoln killed him with a blow to the head with a shovel. He was placed in a police lineup, dressed in a nice white suit and, despite his best efforts to be noticed, he wasn't picked out of the lineup, thereby freeing him from any murder charges.

Afterwards, Lincoln seemed to descend further into his madness, first by attacking Gracie Jane in a fashion similar to how he killed Judge Potts, and later abducting Shirley Schmidt by gunpoint and holding her hostage at his house in a closed off room in his. Through some acts of manipulation between the firm and the police, a raid was put on Lincoln's house. As the police stormed through the house and break down the door to the side room, the crossbow attached to the door's locking mechanism shot an arrow that pierced Lincoln's abdomen.

Lincoln is last seen being taken out of his house in a stretcher, claiming that his injury was "just a flesh wound...".