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"Last Call"
Season Five, Episode 13. Characters appear {{{characters}}}.
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Season Five
Episode 13
Production number 5AJQ13
Air Date December 8, 2008
Written by David E. Kelley &
Susan Dickes
Directed by Bill D'Elia
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Katie and Jerry share an intimate moment wherein they kiss and decide to start a relationship. A gay rights group sues Denny and Alan for applying for marriage when they aren't truly Homosexuals and Alan wins this case. Then Denny and Allen also try for a case to get Denny and experimental Alzheimers medication from Russia against the U.S. Supreme Court.

Then Denny and Alan, and Shirley and Carl get a double wedding at Nimmo Bay where they are married by one of the Justices of the Supreme Court who just so happens to be hunting with Dick Cheney at the time, Denny jokingly makes a reference to this and they are married by this justice after he informs them that Denny will be getting the medication he sorely needs. The show ends with Denny and Alan sitting on the same balcony as newly weds talking about possible pursuits of starting a new law firm as Crane, Poole and Shmidt has now been bought by a Chinese company, relieving Denny of his post and renaming the firm "Chang, Poole and Shmidt" as the screen cuts away while focusing on all of the "Chang, Poole and Schmidt" fixtures on the walls, ending the legacy of Boston Legal but leaving the legacy of Denny Crane in tact.