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Katie Lloyd
Katie Lloyd, as played by Tara Summers.
Personal Information
Gender/Sex: Female
Attorney and associate at Crane, Poole & Schmidt Law
Soon after being assigned to share an office with Jerry Espenson, a fellow attorney who suffers from Asperger's syndrome, the two begin a romantic relationship
Character information
Created by: David E. Kelley
Appeared on: Boston Legal
First episode appearance: "Beauty and the Beast" (Season 4)
Final episode
"Last Call" (Season 5)
Episodes appeared in: 33 from Seasons 4-5
Character played by: Tara Summers
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Katie Lloyd is an associate at Crane, Poole & Schmidt, Katie shares an office with Jerry Espenson, to whom she was originally a friend and confidant; their friendship quickly evolves into a romantic relationship. She is played by British actress Tara Summers.

About Katie[]

A young British attorney hired by Shirley, and assigned by Carl to share an office with Jerry. A talented and moralistic young woman, able to see the good in people that others cannot, Katie becomes best friends with Jerry, helping him with his behavioral issues caused by his Asperger's Syndrome. She is rather surprised at how fiercely protective of her Jerry can be. As Jerry comes to understand more of social behaviors, the two eventually begin to date and were asked to be present at Carl and Shirley's wedding. In their last onscreen appearance, they kiss outside Katie's apartment house, with the implication they are now an item.