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Judge Victoria Peyton is a civil court judge who appeared in season 4-5 of Boston legal. She is a very fair and blunt judge who usually brings her personal stories into cases for e.g her being a mother. She has mostly ruled in favour of Alan and Denny throughout the series. She has appeared in a total of 10 episodes through seasons 4 and 5. they are:

  1. Do Tell (16 October 2007)  
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    Judge Victoria

  2. Oral Contracts (4 December 2007)  
  3. Roe vs Wade: The Musical (23 January 2008)  
  4. The Mighty Rogues (15 April 2008)  
  5. Guardians and Gatekeepers (29 September 2008)  
  6. The Bad Seed (20 October 2008)  
  7. Roe (10 November 2008)  
  8. Kill, Baby, Kill! (17 November 2008)  
  9. Juiced (1 December 2008)  
  10. Last Call (8 December 2008) 

Her role in the Series Finale was larger than usual, as after ruling in favour of Alan and Denny's marriage, she was invited by the both of them to Nimo bay to be their preist and get them married'. She was with Denny, Carl, Shirley and Katie and jerry in the helicopter, but her preist services were not required when