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Judge Robert Sanders
Judge Sanders
Judge Sanders (played by Shelley Berman) presiding over a case.
Personal Information
Gender/Sex: Male
District Court Judge
crotchey and increasingly senile old sort who is easily manipulated by Alan, Denny and some of the other lawyers
Character information
Appeared on: Boston Legal
Episodes appeared in: 11 from Seasons 2-4
First appearance:
in the episode "Stick It". (Season 2)
Final appearance:
in the episode "Indecent Proposals". (Season 4)
Character played by: Shelley Berman
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Robert Sanders, played by Shelley Berman, is a District Court Judge who appears in 11 episodes of Boston Legal, first appearing in the episode "Stick It".

About Judge Sanders[]

An increasingly senile and crotchety old man, in one case he, in response to Shirley Schmidt saying "Whatever you think about..."(in reference to a plaintiff), calls the plaintiff "an ass". He also called the defendant, a doctor who was alleged to have stolen the right to the plaintiff's blood, a "Vampire Doctor". At the end of that case, he reveals that he didn't have a clue what on earth they were talking about during the whole case, and then ruled in favour of "The Doctor" because he thought, as said earlier, the plaintiff was an ass.

He also, in a jab by the writers at then-President George W. Bush, frequently claims "I am the decider."

Judge Sanders often appears oblivious to the rules of evidence, blatantly sustaining and overruling objections incorrectly, and can be manipulated by attorneys, particularly Alan Shore.

Judge Sanders refuses to allow "Poopycock" (most likely Poppycock) or "Jibber-Jabber" in his courtroom, and both Alan, who Sanders called "Alan Shoop" rather than Shore on one occasion, and Denny have used his crankiness to their advantage. When Alan was charged with advising a client to run because it was very likely the client would lose and go to jail for a long time, Judge Sanders greeted him with a sorry shake of the head.

When Alan began to speak out, Sanders told him he "did not want to hear another poop (peep) out of him". When Alan spoke out again, he said "You have specifically been told not to poop". When marrying Brad Chase and Denise Bauer while Denise was in labour, he called Denise "Dennis", and when the baby began to come out shouted "What's that there?" and later made several criticisms of her (the baby, who was a girl) and said "It's not cute at all!". When the umbilical cord was cut he exclaimed, horrified, "You don't circumcise a girl!!!"