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Jeffrey Coho
Jeffrey Coho (), is brought back into in the firm to work with Claire in Season 3 of the series.
Personal Information
Gender/Sex: Male
Attorney with Crane, Poole & Schmidt
Brash attorney who is brought into the NYC office to work with Claire Simms; gets into a messy feud with fellow attorney Brad Chase, which often culminates in fist fights
Character information
Created by: David E. Kelley
Appeared on: Boston Legal
First episode appearance: "New Kids on the Block" in Season 3
Final episode
"Fat Burner" in Season 3
Episodes appeared in: 14 episodes in Season 3, 2006-07
Character played by: Craig Bierko
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Jeffrey Coho is a lawyer and former Junior Partner at Crane, Poole & Schmidt. He was brought in from the New York office with Claire Simms in the Season 3 Boston Legal episode "New Kids on the Block". The part of Jeffrey is played by actor Craig Bierko.

About Jeffrey[]

Jeffrey carries with him an aura of extremely brash smugness, a quick wit and sharp tongue, granting him the ability to make enemies as quickly (if not faster) than he makes friends. Almost immediately, he runs afoul with Brad Chase and, outside of a single case the two of them worked on, they develop a feud that culminates in more than a few fist fights. Strangely enough, he once laments to Shirley Schmidt about not being "accepted" into his new surroundings (ironic as much of his problems stem from his personal traits). His arrogance and wit also earns him the wrath of Lincoln Meyer during the Judge Hooper trial, but thankfully (in his case), he was merely given stern words from Lincoln.

During the tenure of his reassignment, he finds himself drawn to Denise Bauer, and after the death of Daniel Post they enter a "friends with benefits" connection. Brad, who has the same arrangement, finds out about the two of them and that Denise is pregnant. When Jeffrey finds out that the baby is not his, he feigns relief but is secretly crushed.

Not too long after this revelation, Jeffrey decides to leave the firm. In order to keep his dignity in tact, he chose to wear his Buzz Lightyear costume, which seemed to cheer him up but he finds himself stuck in it. Claire implores him to stay, asking him to "leave her", but he ends up leaving in the end anyway.

It has been hinted that he and Shirley once shared an intimate encounter. Not much is said about it outside of a back-handed comment on Shirley's part on it being some sort of mistake, or accident.

Jeffrey has an unnamed daughter, who lives with her mother.