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"It Girls and Beyond"
Season One, Episode 13. Characters appear {{{characters}}}.
#13 in series (101 episodes)
Season One
Episode 13
Episode Overall 13
Production number 1AJQ02
Air Date January 23, 2005
Written by Jonathan Shapiro &
David E. Kelley
Directed by Mike Listo
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Cast and characters[]

  • René Auberjonois is promoted to the main cast and now appears in the opening credits.


  • Denny Crane discovers Paul Lewiston orchestrated Shirley's return to Boston in a effort to oust him from the firm.
  • Denny openly admits his mental difficulties. Just like his client, he was taking an experimental drug which has improved his condition. He eventually decides to stop taking the drug; the consequences of which continue throughout the series.
  • The word "lesbian" is spoken 15 times in this episode.

Running gags and references[]

  • The episode title refers to the term "it girl" which is used to describe certain women with celebrity status.
  • Shirley Schmidt greets Alan Shore in the men's room for the second time.
  • Catherine Piper says to Paul: "My, don't you have an interesting face!" This is a reference to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, in which René Auberjonois played Odo, an alien with an "interesting face."



Also starring[]

Guest starring[]

  • Sarah Carter as Tracey Green
  • Andy Umberger as Attorney Morrison
  • Dana Wheeler-Nicholson as Stephanie Rogers
  • Michael O'Neill as Dr. Robert McLean
  • Travis McKenna as Mark Harrison
  • Michael Ensign as Judge Paul Resnick
  • David Purdham as Judge William Connolly
  • Gibby Brand as Dr. Leonard Raskin
  • William Atherton as A.D.A. Howard Zale


  • Diane Kim as Newscaster
  • Angela Sargeant as Foreperson #1
  • P.J. O'Connor as Foreman #2