"Head Cases"
Season One, Episode 1
#1 in series (101 episodes)
Air date October 3, 2004
Written by Scott Kaufer & Jeff Rake
and David E. Kelley
Directed by Bill D'Elia
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Still Crazy After All These Years

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A civil-rights issue hinges on the casting choice for a version of “Annie”. Alan Shore is assigned a case in which a mother wants to sue the producers of Annie after her daughter is refused the title role because she is black; a child-custody battle turns ugly; an adultery case involves Crane. Rev. Al Sharpton portrays himself. When Edwin Poole (Larry Miller) is institutionalized, Paul Lewiston asks Brad Chase to return to the Boston office; Brad and Sally Heep file an emergency appeal when a client's ex-husband will not allow her to take her children to New York; Denny Crane tries to prevent his client from hiring a private investigator to find out who his wife's lover is, and Lewiston assigns Lori Colson to ensure that an investigator is not hired. 

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