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Garrett Wells
Garrett Wells
Garrett Wells (), a brash young attorney with the firm, is smitten with the already married Denise in Season 2 of the series.
Personal Information
Gender/Sex: Male
Attorney with Crane, Poole & Schmidt
Harsh young attorney who is completely infatuated with the already married Denise Bauer; is greatly intimdated by Catherine Piper, who runs him out of his own office
Character information
Created by: David E. Kelley
Appeared on: Boston Legal
First episode appearance: "The Black Widow" in Season 2
Final episode
"Smile" in Season 2
Episodes appeared in: 12 episodes in Season 2, 2005-06
Character played by: Justin Mentell
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Garrett Wells is an attorney with Crane, Poole & Schmidt who appears in Season 2 of Boston Legal. The part of Garrett is played by Justin Mentell,

About Garrett[]

Also introduced in the second season premiere, Garrett is a brash young attorney who is obviously attracted to Denise Bauer. He does go over her head with some clients but aids her by blackmailing her ex-husband's attorney/pastor to get him to back down from his demands for money. He is not all that effective in the courtroom, being humiliated on more than one occasion by no-nonsense judges. He is also intimidated by Catherine Piper, the caterer and former assistant to Alan Shore, who actually runs him out of his own office. He is not seen after the end of Season 2. It is unclear whether he is still with the firm or was let go by the partners.