"Finding Nimmo"
Season Two, Episode 3
# in series (101 episodes)
Air date October 11, 2005
Written by David E. Kelley
Directed by Mike Listo
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A Whiff and a Prayer

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"A woman once left me 'cause the way I grunted during sex reminded her of her potbellied pig."
"You grunt like a pig during sex?"
"Mmmm. And when I fell asleep after, she said I snored like her pig, too. You just can't win."

- Denny Crane and Alan Shore

"We need to go to the woods and touch ourselves... get in touch with ourselves. Men can only truly bond in the woods."

- Denny, as he tries to convince Alan to join him at Nimmo Bay

"I'm not a good flyer, especially helicopters. I don't understand the aerodynamics. And I'm feeling quite inclined to vomit."
"There's fish down there, man."
"Uggh. In that case..."

- Alan and Denny as they approach Nimmo Bay in their helicopter

"Oh, my God. This book – A Stain Upon the Sea – it's all about these sea lice."
"They call them 'cling-ons.' "
"Did you say Klingons?"

- Alan and Denny

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