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Douglas Kupfer
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Adam Arkin as A.D.A. Douglas Kupfer
Personal Information
Gender/Sex: Male
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Assistant District Attorney
Character information
Created by: David E. Kelley
First episode appearance: "Live Big" in Season 2
Final episode
"Deep End of the Poole" in Season 2
Episodes appeared in: 3 in series (2006)
Character played by: Adam Arkin
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Douglas Kupfer is a Massachusetts Assistant District Attorney and a minor nemesis of Alan Shore in the second half of the second season of Boston Legal.


Kupfer first appears in Live Big, prosecuting Ryan Myerson, a man, who is accused of killing his ill wife. Alan Shore and Denny Crane defend the man, who claims his wife was in pain and begged him to end her life. The jury acquits Ryan, although Alan later notices Ryan looking at his late wife's nurse in a suggestive way, realizing he murdered her so he could be with the nurse.

Kupfer returns in Ivan the Incorrigible, prosecuting Ande Mkeba, who is on trial for murdering the man, who killed his son and subsequently got away with it. Mkeba is represented by Jerry Espenson and Alan Shore, who faces off against Kupfer in court again. Because Mkeba is surely going to get convicted, Alan, who sympathizes with Mkeba, knows he couldn't legally advise Mr. Mkeba to run because he could get disbarred and imprisoned, so he expressly tells him he couldn't give him such an advice. Getting the message, Mkeba flees before the ruling. Kupfer tries in vain to convince the presiding judge that Alan hid Mkeba, but the judge rules that the police will be looking for him and until Mkeba is found, the case is adjourned. Kupfer says that his only fear is that someone may stab Alan in the face before Kupfer could take him down, leaving the court bitter and vengeful against Alan.

Kupfer appears one final time in Deep End of the Poole. Eager more than ever to put Alan behind bars after losing to him in court, Kupfer charges Alan with aiding and abetting a criminal for advising Mkeba to run. Mkeba is revealed to have been caught by authorities and has agreed to a deal where he would testify against Alan. Denny gives the closing to the jury, where he argues that Kupfer has a vendetta/bias against Alan after losing cases against him and that Alan technically didn't break the law in Mkeba's case. Alan is acquitted and a defeated Kupfer tells Alan that he hopes he will speak at Alan's funeral one day before leaving.

Kupfer is not seen or mentioned again.