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Daniel Post
Daniel Post
Personal Information
Gender/Sex: Male
Romantic interest of Denise who suffers from terminal lung cancer; after his death, his remains wind up missing, his head is found at a Halloween attraction in Salem, MA
Character information
Appeared on: Boston Legal
First episode appearance: "The Cancer Man Can" (Season 2)
Final episode
"Can't We All Get a Lung?" (Season 3)
Episodes appeared in: 6 (Season 2-3)
Character played by: Michael J. Fox
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Daniel Post was a wealthy businessman, who suffered from terminal lung cancer and appears on a recurring basis on Boston Legal. The part of Daniel is played by Michael J. Fox, well known to TV and cinema fans for his roles as Marty McFly in the Back To The Future film triology, and as Alex Keaton on the hit 1980's long-running NBC-TV sitcom series Family Ties.

About Daniel[]

A love interest of Denise Bauer with terminal lung cancer, Daniel is a hugely wealthy businessman who initially goes to Denise for help winning a case against a man who is suing him for using his influence to get a test drug that might save his life. Their relationship develops until he restarts his radiation therapy and then goes off to Europe, presumably to die. Daniel returns in the season finale, alive, and proposes to Denise. In the third season, he dies during a lung transplant, however, and his remains are lost on the black market. Denise was able to recover his head in a haunted house Halloween attraction in Salem, Massachusetts.