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Christine Pauley
Christine Pauley
Christine Pauley is an attorney an jilted ex-flame of Alan Shore, who he had committed who appears in the episode "Catch and Release" in Season 1.
Personal Information
Gender/Sex: Female
Neutotic ex-lover of Alan Shore, who had her committed to a mental hospital after she attempted to kill him after a heated arguement; they wind up in a case where they appear as opposing counsel, much to Alan's chagrin.
Character information
Appeared on: Boston Legal
Episodes appeared in: "Catch and Release" (Season 1)
Character played by: Elizabeth Mitchell
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Christine Pauley is an attorney and ex-love interest of Alan Shore who appears in the Season 1 episode of Boston Legal titled Catch and Release. The part of Christine is played by actress Elizabeth Mitchell.

About Christine[]

Christine, an ex-lover of Alan's whom he once had committed, secures her release from the mental hospital and Sally Heep and Tara Wilson become concerned for Alan once it appears that Christine has been stalking him. When Alan tries to get Judge Paul Resnick to disqualify her from a case where she appears as the attorney opposing him, he is denied of his request. Christine and Alan had quite a volatile relationship when they were together; she once attempted to kill him after a heated arguement.