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Bethany Horowitz
Bethany Horowitz
Bethany Horowitz (Meredith Eaton) in scene in episode of "Boston Legal".
Personal Information
Gender/Sex: Female
Height: 4'0" (1.2 m)
Attorney with Crane, Poole & Schmidt
Character information
Appeared on: Boston Legal
Episodes appeared in: 18 from Seasons 3-5
First appearance:
in episode New Kids on the Block (Season 3)
Final appearance:
in episode Smoke Siganls (Season 5)
Character played by: Meredith Eaton
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Bethany Horowitz is a diminuitive sized attorney who appears in 18 episodes of Boston Legal, beginning with the Season 3 episode New Kids on the Block. The part of Bethany is played by actress Meredith Eaton.

About Bethany[]

A feisty Jewish dwarf attorney, and an on-again-off-again romantic interest of Denny Crane, Bethany is also the daughter of an old girlfriend of Denny's. At one point it was suspected Bethany was actually Denny's daughter, which theory was disproved by DNA tests. Bethany ultimately was unable to reconcile the fact her mother previously had a relationship with Denny. She also broke off the relationship with Denny because Bethany was a practicing Jew while Denny was (nominally) Christian, so the two permanently parted company.